Oltețeanu Bogdan-Andrei

Unele lucruri nu se explică.

Noi am scăpat…

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Un articol foarte interesant și un film, foarte bine organizat, probabil, de “Department of Propaganda and Agitation“, în cinstea  liderului superm al Coreei de Nord.

Extras din articol:

My friend explained how he picked out the shortest among the large group. He told the crowd that the drug would best take effect when consumed regularly in an environment with clean air. The people willingly, and without the slightest suspicion, hopped aboard two ships — women in one, men in the other. Separately, they were sent away to different uninhabited islands in an attempt to end their “substandard” genes from repeating in a new generation. Left for dead, none of the people made it back home. They were forced to spend the rest of their lives separated from their families and far from civilization.

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